Whoa! I almost gave a fuck!


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*accepting prize

Cristian Cireasa: yes … life can be so cruel …
Cireasa: women like
Cireasa: 😀
Cristian Cireasa: women are not cruel .. dude
Cireasa: :O
Cristian Cireasa: well .. they are not
Cristian Cireasa: if handled properly

Note? Men don’t handle women…women handle men!
Das..the brother is in love, and i am once again left alone in my misogyny.
Word to the disbelievers: you will undeniably face the day of regrets,so never disapprove a misogynist!
Love my black african-american brothers!

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  1. traitor!

    cireasa: extras din context
    cireshel: ha?
    cireshel: a..da
    cireshel: 😀
    cireshel: e pe selectii..doar ce ma avantaja
    cireshel: 😀


  2. neah..e editat dialogu asta…nu stiu despre ce vb.! 😀
    yes i lie!


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