Whoa! I almost gave a fuck!


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*accepting prize

Foarte trendy flendy, Parchez ca… apare peste tot in “peisagiul” romanesc.

Scumpa ideea, neoriginala, insa frumoasa. Stickere cu “parchez ca un bou” sau “parchez ca o vaca” …

Originalul dateaza din 2005 si se gaseste pe IParkLikeAnIdiot.

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  2. May19BlazingHotMom Sweetie, you are going to do well! You already get “it”. If we work hard, we will be blessed. We will have to deal with their choices, but if we work hard we will do well. Hopefully, they will get it also and we won’t have too may consequencse to deal will from them.


  3. Feels like the blog has lost it’s focus scamp. It’s become more of a student bitchfest. Probably why google shut you down. Where’s the meat gone? No pressure.

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  5. Thanks Robert,And let us not forget the executive subset, along with the media and the vast majority of the educational set.Rodger Malcolm MitchellP.S. The people at the cocktail party will tell you you’re an idiot. Been there.

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  7. I can’t hear anything over the sound of how awesome this article is.


  8. Couldn’t agree more. -m’s tirades and penchant for litigation is disturbing.And his credentials are hazy at best. Has any of his filmed sarges converted to lays?

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