Whoa! I almost gave a fuck!


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*accepting prize

Asta pentru ca tot se numeste “cireasa”.

Cherry Car

Cherry Car

7 Responses to “Backgrounds cu cirese”

  1. ye..ceva interesant si pe situ asta! 😀


  2. Pronto este foarte important intr-o casa!


  3. a?

    Cireasa Cristian

  4. O bobitza roshioara
    Cu aer de primavara
    Ghici CIREASA ce-i?


  5. alta cireasa! 😀


  6. AND by him AND by his Position of Authority.But I've hated that SOB since the Reagan Years and how he ALWAYS Voted to Screw the Military, so I might be a little bit prejudiced…

  7. Parallels were less than tenuous. And Christie hasn’t been “Hummana-Hummaning”, he’s just acknowledged the problems. OTOH – Has Corzine explained why he paid off Katz, or shown us the email correspondence he had when they were negotiating on the side a couple of years ago? Or did he send his AG’s office to court, spending our tax money, to keep his treachery a secret?

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