Whoa! I almost gave a fuck!


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*accepting prize

More to come, updated pentru urmatoarele:

Flash Forward
Grey’s Anatomy
Defying Gravity
Gossip Girl
One Tree Hill

Ordinea este aleatoare, probabil One Tree Hill si Fringe vor dispare in curand, sigur va apare True Blood (inca nu se stie urmatorul episod).

5 Responses to “Calendar seriale”

  1. i used to watch One Tree Hill on my girlfriends house. great tv series.:,`

    Elijah Lewis

  2. One Tree Hill is one of my favorite shows, the cast are great, they are handsome and beautiful.~,*

    Alicia Matthews

  3. one is the name of that hunk in One Tree Hill ?~~,

    Georgia Miller

  4. i like the leading man on One Tree Hill, the is really a hunky guy~:~

    Anxiety Depression 

  5. One Tree Hill should be the best TV series for me, the characters are great :’,

    Nathan Rodriguez

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