Whoa! I almost gave a fuck!


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Gen, de aici.

I had a period in my life where I wanted to have some fun. In doing so I slept with just over 50 men in a short amount of time. I told my current boyfriend of 11 months this last night and now he’s being really distant. He has been with 25 women he claims, so I don’t see what the big difference is. I’m not fucking these 50 guys currently as I only want to be with him. He says that he is worried that I will cheat on him even though I’ve never cheated on anyone before. Please help me make sense of this reddit. thanks

Wow. I’m really surprised at the number of negative comments calling me a whore or implying that I have mental problems. Why is it OK if a man were to sleep around with 50 women over a short period of time, he would be called a Player/Baller/Pimp/Hero yet when a woman does it, she’s labeled as having mental issues/slut/whore/cunt. Why is America so puritanical? So I had sex with 50 healthy men, sometimes 2 per day, but mostly a few a week. I am an attractive female who attracts good looking men. I like to have sex. Why is this so hard for the hive mind to comprehend a woman who knows what she wants? The reason why I’ve been in a relationship with my BF for 11 months is because I’m through with that. I got my kicks and got out. I am a lot more happy where I am today but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun doing what I did.

Un raspuns e genial:

That’s not even normal for men.


You are a whore.

And btw … o matematica simpla zice 2/zi timp de 2 luni. Fuck?

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